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Current trends

A unique approach to Family Law

In this Podcast with Beyond Billables Talya discusses her unique approach to family law and the importance of providing a holistic, family-focused and affordable service to achieve the best outcomes for her clients. Listen to the full podcast here

Legal Innovation

#JDHorizons is no ordinary legal conference. It’s all about disrupting the traditional models of legal practice and how lawyers service their clients. Talya was honoured to be part of the speaking faculty for the Break the Law Make the Law 2018 conference in Sydney. Find

Limmud Oz 2016 – Festival of Jewish Ideas

On 27 June 2016, Talya Faigenbaum held a captivating discussion on the challenges facing contemporary Jewish couples journeying through separation and divorce. The stimulating presentation highlighted the seriousness of “Gett-abuse” and the ways in which one spouse often misuses the Jewish divorce document to manipulate the