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Parenting Arrangements

Separation and Your Children: Future parenting arrangements and arranging for the future

Every family is unique.

Different parenting styles, cultural heritage and financial circumstances mean that there is no single formula to resolve all the issues that follow a family breakup. And while some parents are able to reach agreement about future parenting arrangements, for others this task can be challenging.

The stress that often accompanies new living arrangements, disrupted routines and long-term decision making, means that many families will need the guidance of support workers, therapists, teachers, mediators and lawyers to find the best solutions for their family. Professional assistance becomes increasingly important when children are still young or have special needs.

We understand this, which is why we will work closely with you and your support team negotiating future parenting arrangements.

Talya Faigenbaum, our principal family lawyer, has worked with countless Australian families to create tailored solutions and achieve the best possible outcomes for their children. She will work with you, step by step, empowering you to move forward.

Parenting arrangements and the Family Court

Our clients often seek to avoid the emotional and financial costs of going to Court. This is why we use a range of problem solving strategies focused on the early resolution of parenting arrangements. These include mediation, negotiation and roundtable conferences.

Our aim is to provide you with meaningful solutions and sustainable outcomes, not just immediate answers.

In some circumstances our clients have explored these options without success. Whilst in other situations, such as cases of family violence or child abduction, Court action may be the only option available to protect vulnerable children. It is strongly advisable to seek the assistance of an experienced family lawyer before commencing Court proceedings.

With dedication, sensitivity and the utmost professional Talya will work with you to reach a parenting arrangement that is right for your family.