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Property Settlement

Looking for a Property Settlement? We will look after you.

Negotiating a property settlement or asset division can be a stressful experience for many separating couples. Making sure you are knowledgeable and informed about the ins and outs of family law property settlements will give you confidence in deciding how best to move forward.

You and your partner will need to agree on how to divide your assets and liabilities. This can be a confronting task in itself, but is made more difficult by the tensions and emotions that often accompany a break up. Added to this is the challenge of sorting through multiple layers of financial interests that may have become entwined over the years. This could include the family home, investment properties, loan facilities, complex business and trust structures, savings accounts and credit cards. All of these and more, should be considered when reaching a property settlement

Property Settlements and the Family Court

It’s important to keep in mind that if you can’t reach agreement you do have alternative choices before going of Court. We will explore these options with you. Whatever you choose, we will guide you through the process so that you never feel left behind or overwhelmed.

In some situations, starting the Court process may be the most appropriate course of action to take. And while you may wish to consult family, friends or colleagues before choosing this option, it is imperative to get legal advice from an experienced family lawyer. There are plenty of urban myths about how family law property settlements work. In truth, no two cases are the same. Factors and circumstances that are unique to each relationship will influence how a Court applies the legal principles in arriving at a just and fair property settlement. In our first meeting with you, we will talk through this process, without the jargon.

Whatever your circumstances, we are committed to helping you reach a property settlement and financial separation that is fair, lasting and sustainable.