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Jewish Divorce

Limmud Oz 2016 – Festival of Jewish Ideas

On 27 June 2016, Talya Faigenbaum held a captivating discussion on the challenges facing contemporary Jewish couples journeying through separation and divorce. The stimulating presentation highlighted the seriousness of “Gett-abuse” and the ways in which one spouse often misuses the Jewish divorce document to manipulate the

Yashar Coalition Symposium

Talya Faigenbaum was privileged to address an international audience at the Yashar Coalition Symposium held in New York City. Yashar is a global organisation of lawyers, community leaders and educators whose mission is to cultivate solutions to the challenges that arise in Jewish divorce proceedings. The symposium

Breaking the Chains

Talya Faigenbaum was recently featured in an article by John Safran writing for The Age. The article highlighted the plight of Jewish women whose husband’s refuse to grant them a religious bill of divorce and Talya’s enduring efforts to tackle this difficult issue. Congratulations to John